BioHealth Laboratory
Since 1999, BioHealth has been committed to improving the health of patients by providing convenient and effective clinical solutions to health professionals worldwide. BioHealth provides functional laboratory testing as a means to accurately establish the underlying causes of health problems and monitor the effectiveness of treatments. Beyond the lab, BioHealth supports health professionals with specialized training.

The lab has performed over a million tests, all the while providing simple and effective clinical solutions, including many options for training.

With the help of BioHealth’s lab advisors – all actively practicing clinicians – as well as our training partners, you’ll be able to choose lab tests appropriate to your patients, confidently interpret the results, and leverage valuable resources for guiding your patients to recovery.

Commitment to quality is at the core of BioHealth’s mission. Through all analytical phases, excellence is the standard. Patient specimens are protected in temperature-controlled packaging (no other lab in functional medicine does this), which, when combined with expedited shipping, ensures the stability of specimens and the accuracy of test results. Furthermore, all phases of testing are managed and executed by licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists (not lab techs). And with oversight committees as well as independent accreditation, you can count on BioHealth to exceed industry requirements and deliver you top-shelf service.

We offer new and experienced clinicians the opportunity to engage in a refined and proven successful system of diagnosis and treatment.

State and Federal Laboratory Licenses

  • CLIA certified (Federal): License 05D0982456
  • California Department of Health Services certified: License LF11695

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