Licenses and Accreditation

Is Your Lab Accountable?
As a California licensed lab, BioHealth is subject to some of the strictest lab regulations in the country. Unlike many of our competitors’ regulatory requirements, California labs are mandated cdph-heading_departmentto use licensed lab scientists for all phases of testing. Rest assured that your testing is not being performed by a lab assistant (with no mandatory qualifications or specific education) but by someone who has chosen lab science as their life’s career.

Private Accreditation with COLA
Even though BioHealth Laboratory is based in California and subject to tighter Quality Control than other labs, we’ve taken it a step colalogofurther. We have hired COLA, a private lab accreditation agency whose educational laboratory accreditation programs help improve laboratory quality, efficiency, and achieve regulatory excellence. Their inspections are comprehensive and rigorous; so much so, that even the State of California recognizes COLA as a deemed authority authorized to enforce its own rules over California’s regulatory codes. BioHealth exceeds state and federal requirements.

We maintain retainers with the top compliance consultants in the industry and only employ highly qualified scientists and support personnel.

Make sure that any lab you use doesn’t just meet the minimum standards, but exceeds them. Your patients are counting on it.

State and Federal Laboratory Licenses

  • CLIA certified (Federal): License 05D0982456
  • California Department of Health Services certified: License LF11695

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