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Since 1999, BioHealth has provided powerful lab assessment along with logical, simple, and effective adjunct services. Our consistent and rapid test reporting, training opportunities, competitive fees, and convenient access to test results make it easy to see why thousands of clinicians have chosen to work with BioHealth.

In order to get the most from any test profile it’s important to have a full system of support in place. That doesn’t just include consistent friendly service and accurate test results, but also clinical training as well as interpretive guidance and therapeutic recommendations provided by active clinicians. When these elements are combined, the effect on your clinical success is raised exponentially.

Steps to getting the most out of BioHealth…

1Become a Client
Go here for account setup. You are also welcome to call us at 800-570-2000 or 307-212-6600. We will provide you with access to the Test Kit Order System and the Test Results Portal for convenient access to patient reports.
2Get Test Kits…Run Tests
Find the tests you want to run then order the kits on the Test Kit Request Form. Not sure which tests to run? Read the next 2 steps.
3Get Clinical Training and Free Support
Visit the Clinical Training page for educational opportunities. BioHealth also offers consultations with successful health professionals actively seeing patients. Call 800-570-2000 or 307-212-6600 to schedule an appointment for interpretive assistance and treatment help with one of our lab advisors.
4Use Nutritional Protocols
BioMatrix (our sister brand) products are designed to specifically meet the needs of functional and integrative medicine practitioners. We also carry a slew of other products from some of the best companies in the business including Ortho Molecular, Douglas Labs, Da Vinci, and others. Talk to a lab advisor today to get the most out of your nutritional treatment options.

Now that you know the steps, start walking. We’ll be there by your side, every step of the way (unless of course you don’t want us bugging you).

Here’s to your success!

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