Billing and Payments

Keep Billing Simple.
BioHealth is committed to providing the highest quality lab testing at the most competitive prices possible. Your billing options are explained below.

Transacting with the Lab
Tests are invoiced and payment is processed when your patients’ samples arrive at the lab for processing.

We offer clinicians two options for billing:
Option 1: Clinician Pay

This option allows the clinician to keep payment information on file. Whenever a patient sends in their specimen for processing, payment is processed using the payment information on file for you. Once payment is processed, you will automatically receive an email with a copy of your paid invoice attached.

Option 2: Patient Pay*

With Patient Pay, your patients pay BioHealth Lab directly. They may opt to send in a check, or pay by MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover. We also accept debit cards attached to Health Spending Accounts (HSAs).

If your patient pays BioHealth Lab directly, and provides an email address on their Patient Test Submittal Form, they will receive an email copy of their paid invoice, along with the CPT and ICD9 codes associated with the test that was ordered.

*If you choose to have your patients pay BioHealth Lab directly, you will need to be sure to provide them with the correct test price as we are not able to release test pricing to patients. If your patient contacts us for test kit pricing they will be advised to contact your offices for this information.

Please inquire about insurance billing options. 

IMPORTANT: We are not able to release lab results for tests that have not been paid. If there is an issue with payment, one of our Client Services representatives will contact you.

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