International Clients

Doing Business Globally with the Lab
With clients in over 30 countries, we’ve made it simple for you to do business from anywhere.

Thermally Stable Shipping
Our thermally stable “kangaroo pouch” ships 2-day worldwide and is temperature controlled for almost twice as long as that to protect against delays. Using our unique international test kits you can rest assured that your BioHealth test results will be more accurate than those of other functional medicine labs offering international shipping. Shipping specimens at room temperature over a number of days can compromise the integrity of the sample, rendering the results questionable.

freevector-world-map-dots-vector-480x328Discounted Return Shipping
BioHealth uses its volume discount with UPS to bring you substantial savings when shipping internationally to our California lab. By passing on our full discount, most patients can save close to 70 percent on the cost of the test when returning specimens to the laboratory. Simply go to to purchase your discounted shipping label. You can be confident that your samples will arrive thermally preserved and ready to deliver precise results.

Lab Advisor Sessions using Skype
Concerned about racking up large international phone bills when communicating with lab advisors about test interpretation? BioHealth lab advisors all use Skype so that you’ll never have to worry about your phone bill.

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