Below is a list of common issues, as well as ways to resolve them. 

Test Submittal Form Not Included or Patient Information Incomplete

Each test submittal form includes information that is required in order for us to process the test.

Required information includes:

    • Test panel choice checked off by clinician
    • Patient’s name, date of birth, address, and phone number or email address.
    • Payment choice, indicated by clinician as Physician Pay or Patient Pay.

If the test submittal form is incomplete, we will contact the ordering health professional to request additional information. If the test submittal form is not included at all, unfortunately we have no way to determine who the ordering health professional is in order to contact them.                         

Test Panel not Selected

Multiple test panels can be run from each test kit, so it is important to indicate on the test submittal form which test panel you would like run.

All test kits that are shipped directly from our office to patients will have the requested test kit type automatically marked. Test kits shipped to the health professional’s office, however, will not, unless previously requested by the health professional. 

If it is unclear which test panel is to be processed when we receive the samples, we will need to contact the ordering health professional for confirmation. This will result in a delay, as we are unable to begin any testing until we receive that confirmation.  

Improperly Packaged or Missing Shipping Components

Saliva and stool samples are temperature-sensitive. If not properly packaged they might not be viable for testing.

It is important that shipping and packaging instructions be followed precisely, and that all components are used for return shipping.

Please visit the article Packaging Your Test Kit for Shipment or watch videos ( for guidance on how to properly prepare your package for shipping. 

Insufficient Quantity for Testing

It is vital that we receive a large enough sample in order to process it. If we are not provided with a sufficient amount, the samples will be destroyed. The ordering health professional will be notified, and the patient will need to recollect.

For each panel, the required specimen level is listed in the test instructions included with the kit. For patients who experience difficulties in producing/collecting their samples, please see Saliva Collection FAQs or Stool Collection FAQs.

Samples Received Outside the Recommended Timeframe

All samples are time-sensitive, and must be received within two days of being shipped.

As our facility is not open to receive shipments on the weekend, all samples must be shipped on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. However, samples may be collected any day of the week, as long as they remain stored according to the directions outlined in the test kit instructions. They may then be shipped the following week.

If a patient submits samples that are received outside of these guidelines, one of our Client Services representatives will contact the ordering health professional to discuss the options available.

All unresolved problem specimens are destroyed 30 days after receipt.