Leaky Gut Panel Available

Leaky Gut Panel Available

Assess Leaky Gut with Upgraded Lactulose-Mannitol Testing

We are pleased to announce the release of test #110, a urine test that helps clinicians determine if a patient has intestinal permeability (aka Leaky Gut).

Leaky gut is at the root of many health conditions and symptoms. Due to a damaged intestinal barrier, harmful substances are capable of penetrating the gut into the bloodstream, causing autoimmune reactions, inflammation, and more. The damaged barrier also contributes to malabsorption and a number of problems such as brain fog, fatigue, and skin disorders.

No Need to Send Patients to the Pharmacy
Unlike some labs that don’t include the lactulose and mannitol solutions, our sugar solutions are conveniently included in the test kit. BioHealth’s modern methods and materials raise the bar, increasing value and convenience for both patients and clinicians.

  • Peak Excretion Measurement: We’re testing peak excretion and representing the “suspected intestinal permeability” interpretation based on the ratio at this time point. The ratio is in place to account for variations in gastric emptying, intestinal transit, renal clearance, and incomplete urine recovery which are factors that affect lactulose and mannitol equally.
  • Test Method: Advanced testing methodology of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) has advantages over enzymatic methods given the large analyte concentration range. LC-MS has high accuracy, the ability to detect a broad range of concentrations, and minimal interferences.
  • Convenient Collection Process: Our convenient collection process uses a baseline and a single 4-hour collection instead of a pooled collection in a bulky container like other test kits in the market. There is also an easy to use vacuum pressure collection device that eliminates the need for messy pipette transferring and reduces contamination and bacterial growth by reducing sample exposure to air.
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