February 14, 2020 


After 20 years of serving the integrative health community, BioHealth Laboratory will be closing on March 6, 2020. See the below Q&A for details with regard to lab testing services going forward.

The decision to close the business was not an easy one. We truly enjoyed the relationships with our clients and staff over the years and are grateful for the support.

Will I be able to order more test kits?

Effective immediately, upon issuance of this notice, test kits will no longer be shipped.

What is the deadline for the lab to receive patient samples for processing?

Lab specimens received on or before Tuesday, March 3th, will be processed for reporting. Samples received after this date may be destroyed. Patients should not ship samples to the lab after Friday, February 28th. Samples shipped after this date may be rejected.

How can I access test results?

Results can be requested by email at EMAIL LINK

What should I do with test kits that my clinic or patients will no longer need?

You may repurpose, recycle, or dispose of most test kit materials. The exceptions are the stool testing tubes containing liquids. These should be disposed in a manner proper for biomedical/hazardous waste.

How do I contact client services to ask questions?

Please submit your inquiries via email to EMAIL LINK Thank you for your patience, and your patronage over the last 20 years.



 BioHealth Laboratory 23900 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505 www.biohealthlab.com