Free eBook: The Chronic Stress Crisis

Free eBook: The Chronic Stress Crisis


Written by William G. Timmins, ND, co-founder of BioHealth, this book is a survival guide for living in a world of chronic stress. Click on the appropriate link below to download your eBook format for your device or desktop computer. To purchase a hard copy of the book, click here.


Whether preventing future illness, fighting a life-threatening disease, or just trying to feel better in general, your efforts are in vain without smart lifestyle decisions, environmental awareness, and routine lab testing.

With the information contained in this book, you will be better prepared to make important decisions that will positively impact your health now and in the future.

  • Discover the causes of anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, indigestion, weight gain and more
  • Learn how foods, parasites, molds, heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, and other causes of stress are destroying your core health
  • Understand the damaging effects of unhealthy lifestyle and chronic stress on your health
  • Empower yourself to prevent illness and slow down the aging process using modern tools and common sense
  • Get the motivation you need to assess your life for sources of stress and take action to resolve them!
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