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While there are thousands of health clinics worldwide, many of which are clients of Biohealth, we do not make referrals to doctors by location. Instead, Sunrise Complementary Medical Center has been selected to provide patient care to those seeking an experienced Biohealth doctor.

Doctors Kurt Woeller and Tracy Tranchitella are Biohealth specialists. For more than a decade they have utilized Biohealth’s laboratory testing, as well as our lifestyle programs and supplement protocols, to successfully treat individuals suffering from chronic illness and degenerative disease. Dr. Woeller also educates doctors seeking to learn Biohealth’s approach to health care.Sunrise has helped many patients who have never visited the clinic to fully regain their health and vitality. Due to advances in laboratory testing and communications, Doctors Woeller and Tranchitella can consult with patients over phone, Skype, and other Internet technologies.Please visit Sunrise Complementary Medical Center to learn how you can benefit from the latest advances in healthcare from the comfort and privacy of your home.

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