Lifestyle Management


We are all born with genetic predispositions, both strong and weak. However, additional factors are required for our vulnerabilities to manifest in health problems.

As a society, we tend to hide behind the illusion that we can get away with reckless living and, when the resulting illness strikes, run to a doctor to relieve the condition. In reality, there is rarely adequate time to reverse the damage caused by years of poor lifestyle decisions.The Chronic Stress Response may be unstoppable once core functional systems have been permanently impaired.

Poor lifestyle habits are generally a matter of choice and the number one precipitating factors in causing our genetic predispositions to manifest as sickness and disease.

In fact, poor diet, inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, and mismanagement of mental and emotional stress contribute to ill health more than any other single factor.

Fortunately, you have the power to improve your health and longevity by making choices that support a healthier lifestyle. Implementing small and consistent changes in how you live in the present can prevent illness and disease for years to come. This section briefly covers the four principle lifestyle habits that support your foundation for optimal health. They are diet, sleep, exercise, and stress management. While a thorough discussion on each habit could easily fill numerous tomes, we will attempt to distill the most fundamental points according to clinical experience.

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