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There was a man who realized that his years of insomnia had begun when he started sleeping in his bedroom, having previously fallen asleep at his desk and having spent the night on the day bed in his study for several years. To satisfy his wife’s desire to have her husband sleeping by her side, he began going to bed after he finished reading. This is when the insomnia began. It wasn’t until 12 sleepless years later that he made the connection that something in his bedroom was keeping him up at night, and it wasn’t his wife’s snoring!

What did he do? He checked his home with an electromagnetic field detector, called a Gauss meter, and found an extremely high electromagnetic field coming from a fuse box located behind his refrigerator in the kitchen. The kitchen and bedroom shared a common wall and the head of their bed sat right up against this wall. When he moved the bed to the opposite side of the room, he began to sleep deeply and through the night. Perhaps other issues were at play, but taking this simple step immediately relieved his insomnia. Apparently, electromagnetic fields were a chronic stress for him and could have been implicated in his insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, and other associated health problems.

EMF MeterA Gauss meter should be an essential investment for anyone intent on reducing physical stress. It will quickly identify the risks associated with frequented locations, especially home and work exposures that are taken for granted as being “safe.” Effective EMF/Gauss meters can be purchased here.

Prevention and Therapy
Here are some of the many ways you can minimize your exposure to electromagnetic fields. Some people, depending on their existing health status, will be more affected by radiation than others.

Nevertheless, we should all be aware and protect our children and others who cannot make their own decisions.

  • Avoid unnecessary X-rays. For example, obtain copies of previous X-rays when you change from one dentist or doctor to another. Often, there is no need to take new X-rays.
  • Have an electric radio/alarm clock on your nightstand? Get rid of it. You are willingly exposing your head to radiation while you sleep.
  • Electromagnetic shielding is available for common household appliances, and certain types of transmitters can counterbalance electromagnetic fields in most buildings.
  • Get radiation shields for your cellular phone and other wireless devices. Minimally, go hands-free with your phone to keep the device at a distance. Cellular phones and other wireless communication devices bombard you with electromagnetic radiation. In my opinion, common sense dictates that a device transmitting satellite signals should not be near your body! Much of the evidence pointing to cell phone radiation is inconclusive, suggestive, or construed as circumstantial. However, this is because it is difficult and even unethical to perform testing on humans, and is unpopular with the communications industry, which aims to suppress any research that could harm their bottom line.
  • If you are prone to muscle weakness in particular areas of your body, be suspicious of seemingly benign sources of radiation such as digital watches, portable music players, etc.
  • If you must use a microwave oven—a device that promotes malnutrition—keep your distance while it operates. These devices are radioactive.
  • If you sleep on a heated waterbed, unplug the heater and put a thick, insulating pad between the water mattress and the sheet. Of course, the best solution would be to replace the heated waterbed with a more conventional mattress. Beware of mattresses with motors. Pressing a button to adjust your bed may seem like a great idea, but you are sleeping on a hotbed of radiation, even when the motor is off.
  • Keep computers, monitors, and related peripherals away from your head, because long-term microwave exposure is a suspected source of cancer.
  • Nearly every household appliance, especially those with an electric motor, produces electromagnetic fields. Since the energy from electromagnetic fields drops off markedly as you move farther away from the current generating them, you can minimize exposure by moving away from electric appliances while they are in operation. Use a Gauss meter to determine a safe distance to be from a particular electrical appliance while it’s in use.
  • Replace electric blankets with thick quilts or down comforters.
  • Replace fluorescent light bulbs with full-spectrum bulbs.
  • Shave with a blade or a battery-operated razor instead of one that needs to be plugged into an outlet.
  • Televisions generate electromagnetic fields even when not in use, from the remote control reception for powering on and off. If possible, unplug your TV when it’s not in use and place it at least 10 feet from your bed.
  • Use low-radiation computer monitors.

In addition to avoiding exposure whenever possible, the use of certain herbs and nutrients such as iodine, vitamins A and C, zinc, rutin, grape seed abstract, quercetin, and pycnogenol are recommended to protect and detoxify your body—especially your thyroid gland, which is particularly vulnerable to the effects of radiation exposure. Also, two key actions—enhancing your immune system by adopting healthy lifestyle factors and minimizing or eliminating chronic stress—will help prevent compromised hormone, immune, digestive, and detoxification system function.

Additional remedies are available. Homeopathic therapies use subtle energy frequencies that help tune the body’s energy. Acupuncture, massage, bodywork, osteopathy, and chiropractic are hands-on therapies that can help. Acupuncture, which has been a part of traditional Chinese medical practice for over 5,000 years, is based on an understanding of the energy fields that naturally run through the body, and has been a decisive factor for successful health outcomes in many of my chronically ill patients.

Your body is alive thanks to energy, so why allow harmful energy to come near you?

Electromagnetic radiation is pervasive and inescapable. However, the intention here is not to scare you into living in a remote cave! The message is simple: be conscious. Do not expose yourself to potential sources of stress if you don’t have to.

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