Natural Radiation from the Earth


Another source of radiation comes from the earth’s own energy grids and subterranean influences. The most prevalent sources of this radiation are Curry/Hartmann global grid lines and black streams. Commonly referred to as geopathic stress, this natural source of radiation can influence health in negative ways, but you will be hard pressed to find healthcare providers, even in the so-called alternative field, that do not discount the concept of earth radiation as sheer quackery or pseudo-medicine. I like to investigate all possible sources of chronic stress, regardless of their acceptance in conventional healthcare and their predominance in public awareness.

I have heard from some patients, “We have felt uncomfortable ever since we moved into this house; our health has deteriorated and our previously happy family has become miserable.” Have you ever wondered why you felt uneasy when you walked into a particular room? You may have low energy, or you may not sleep well. Electromagnetic fields interfere with the movement of oxygen at a cellular level, and the movement of water. The actual effects depend on the individual’s general health status, how strong the lines are, how much electricity is traveling on them, how wide they are, and their intensity.

Curry/Hartmann lines. Different energy fields, mainly the Curry and Hartmann fields, neatly divide the earth into grids. The Curry lines, named after their discoverer Manfred Curry (a Swiss physician) in the 1950s, run –45 degrees and 45 degrees of north, forming a grid where each square is about 12 feet. The lines themselves are said to be about 4 inches wide. The Hartmann lines, named after the German physician Ernst Hartmann, are about 2 inches wide and are separated by about 5 feet. A node is the intersection of these perpendicular lines, and is the area of highest radiation. Special meters and dowsing instruments can detect the locations of these nodes.

Black streams. These can be defined as underground water veins or streams that give off radiations that may be harmful to life above them. Harmful radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface and above. Black streams intersecting with Curry or Hartmann fields greatly intensify the level of radiation.

Much can be done to ameliorate or remove geopathic stress. To shield a residence from the effects of geopathic stress, traditional Chinese devices include the building of a “Dragon Wall” (a screen wall with an undulating ridge) or digging a carefully placed ditch. Modern Western methods include carefully placing crystals, copper coils, and radionic devices, all of which can alter energy frequencies.

We have addressed the two predominant sources of geopathic stress. There are others, and you would benefit from learning about them. It is a rather fascinating topic, whether or not related to health. While you may be scoffed at by your healthcare provider for considering such matters, do not be discouraged. Learn and decide for yourself if it makes sense that there is more to this planet than dirt! If you suspect that your home, and particularly your bed, could be in the crosshairs of geophysical radiation, seek the aid of someone experienced in detecting and ameliorating the source.

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