Case Studies

Written by integrative clinicians experienced in BioHealth’s lab testing model, these cases represent common scenarios in patient care.

Each one correlates to a specific area of testing or a set of common conditions or symptomatic presentations. The advice contained herein is intended to educate on the real-life applications of the relevant lab tests, while also pointing you in the direction of other diagnostic and therapeutic options.

To dive deeper into the thinking behind these cases, consider a training program or speak to one of our lab advisors. Also check out the test guides for each group of testing.

HPA Stress Profile Case Study - #205-CAR

Premenopause Hormone Profile Case Study - #208

Female Hormone Profile Case Study – #209E

Secretory IgA Case Study - #310

GI Screen Case Study - #401H

SIBO Case Study - #900

Metabolic Case Study - #101

DLMO Case Study - #220

Leaky Gut Case Study - #110

Fructose Malabsorption Case Study - #920

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