Clinical Training

Multiple Options for Learning – Your Choice
BioHealth provides a host of options to make your educational experience as simple and potent as possible. By empowering yourself with different opportunities for gaining experience you not only implement a robust clinical model and get more out of the testing you perform, but your patients will see results faster, and with less follow-up and complexity on your part.

Test Guides
We recommend that everyone start by reading the test guides available for each test offered. Written by experienced clinicians and educators, these simple guides give you insight into the purpose and value of each test and how to employ it clinically.

Case Studies
While hypothetical in nature, our case studies follow real world examples of some of the most common health concerns patients may come to see you about. You will get a feel for what sort of conditions can be assessed using specific profiles, follow-up testing that may be necessary, and what sort of outcomes can be expected as well as the treatment options that are often applied.

Lab Advisor Appointments
Once you get a feel for the ideas behind the tests, it’s time to run some tests. Once you do, our lab advisors, all successful practicing clinicians, are ready to help. They will go over the nuances of interpreting results and discuss how they can be used to address your specific concerns. Our lab advisors have all been actively practicing functional medicine for years and have seen and interpreted thousands of test results. They are an amazing resource and may be all you need to become extremely proficient using diagnostic lab results and take your practice to the next level.

Functional Medicine Training Partners
For those that are ready for a deep dive, BioHealth has partnered with programs that can take you from novice to expert in a matter of weeks or months. These programs can be done at your own pace or in a mentorship environment where your progress and learning are constantly being monitored. They will take you back to the roots of functional medicine and cover not just specific panels in nuanced detail, but a host of integrative and mainstream treatment options. By the time you have completed one of these programs you will truly be able to stand on your own as a functional medicine clinician.

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