Training Programs

Unique Options for Learning Functional Medicine
While our lab consultant staff is glad to support you in coaching and consulting, we do encourage immersion into outside training programs to accelerate your progress and expand your clinical knowledge base.

business-conceptSome of the features of the programs we recommend:

  • Online training for anywhere 24/7 convenience
  • Mentorships available for personal attention to your goals
  • Backed by decades of success in patient care and practice building
  • Webinars, self-paced modules, and many other options

Why BioHealth chose to Partner with these programs
Each program we’ve chosen to partner with is run by a clinician whose roots go back a long way in the functional and integrative medicine world. In fact, each individual was at some point a student of BioHealth’s founder, Dr. William Timmins. We know that each of these programs has your best interests at heart and will endeavor to provide you with the best education possible.

How Are They Different?
Obviously, no two programs are alike and each follows the personality of their founder. With a mix of Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist, and Medical Doctor among the program founders, you can be sure there is a program for everyone. However, just because you have a certain type of background or training doesn’t mean you must take one program over another. Each program brings the insight and background of its founder into play yet is still available to anyone, regardless of education or credential type.

How Are They Similar?
Each of the program founders has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours, reviewing lab results and creating treatment plans for patients. Each program delivers solid approaches to the assessment and treatment of patients from an integrative perspective, with the added benefits of advice on clinical practice as a business as well as overall implementation strategies for quick and successful results.

Unbiased Learning 
The labs covered in these programs are not unique to BioHealth. While we think our lab is the best choice, for a multitude of reasons, these programs also go over tests we don’t offer and explain options of where to get similar test profiles. We strive to make sure that your educational choices are as unbiased and as practical as can be.
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