Glen Depke, ND, explains how to make use of BioHealth's new urinary test using lactulose-mannitol challenge for determining leaky gut, also known as intestinal permeability.

Learn how to apply melatonin testing to helping patients with sleep disorders and circadian rhythm problems.

Learn how to apply saliva lab testing to addressing common health problems in women, utilizing estrogen/progesterone and HPA axis hormones such as cortisol and DHEA.

Glen Depke, ND educates on the importance of using salivary hormone testing to evaluate the body's ability to tolerate stress and how to improve the health of those suffering from HPA dysfunction or adrenal fatigue.

Learn valuable techniques and interpretation approaches for diagnosing and resolving digestive and immunity problems. Glen addresses the common stool and saliva screening necessary to pinpoint gut and immune dysfunction.

Learn how Small Intestinal Bacterial Growth (SIBO) drives a multitude of health problems. Glen Depke addresses the diagnosis and treatment of this pervasive health disorder.

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