Why Run this Test?

Up to 17 salivary samples are taken every other day starting on day two of the cycle giving a total of 17 measurements of estradiol and progesterone. Two measurements of testosterone are taken on days 10 and 18 of the cycle. The extended profile is appropriate for women who are premenopausal or perimenopausal. This test is appropriate for perimenopausal women who are still having regular cycles but present with signs and symptoms of progesterone deficiency likely due to anovulatory (without ovulation) cycles. This test would be appropriate for women who have fertility issues, PMS, heavy menses, symptoms of progesterone deficiency and perimenopause and other associated symptoms that recur with each cycle.

What is Tested?
  • 17 Estradiol
  • 17 Progesterone
  • 2 Testosterone (AM)
Turnaround Time
  • 4 to 6 business days
Sample Report

Sample Report

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